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A young girl escapes from her hometown, leaving friends and family.
After many years, she returns to her place...
Why does she come back?
What was behind her escape?

Leaves is a contemplative adventure game driven by story and introspective exploration. This title aims to push for an emotional connection with the main character evoking feelings and memories in the player.


  • branching semi-randomised story;
  • wonderful 3D environment, with full day/night cycle;
  • introspective, complex story

John Kiernan (music theme)

How To Play (Mouse+Keyboard or PS4 Controller)
Unzip file, open folder and double click on Leaves.exe.

Contemplate and take your time. When you're ready, click (left mouse button or X)  on leaves: they will reveal some messages in the sand. 
To open stream of consciousness, press L or Square. To close it Esc or Circle.
By clicking on leaves you will unlock the stream: click on orange links to explore new story branches. 
On main menu you can set up language and 2D cursor's speed. In game you can adjust brightness and 2D/3D cursor's speed by pausing (Esc or Options).
Find the controller template in the main folder of the game.




Leaves_0.5.0.zip 167 MB

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